Thyroid disorders

When it comes to the thyroid, every person imagines that the person will have swelling in the visible part of the neck. In fact, not all patients experience any signs of swelling.

Despite the signs of swelling, many are unaware, trembling, feeling hot, irritable, easily sweating and angry among some of the symptoms of a person with thyroid disorders.

The thyroid is a gland in the front of the neck and protects several key functions of the body. Thyroid disease can affect almost every part of the body and pose a health hazard.

Thyroid disease occurs more frequently in women than in men and can occur during and after pregnancy.

Maternity and gynecologist Dr Siti Aisyah Ahmad said that anatomically, the thyroid gland is divided into two parts like a butterfly. The two hormones are released by these glands, the hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodotoxoxin (T3).

典hese hormones control the rate of travel of many body functions called metabolism. Increasing this hormone means that the body’s metabolism increases and that is just the opposite if the hormone is depleted, 派e said.

According to her, with high metabolism, the person may feel hot and vice versa. So the thyroid gland helps the body function at a safe and effective rate.

典his control of the gland is done by the pituitary gland in the brain through the hormone stimulating thyroid.

展hen the thyroid hormone is high, hypertrophy is a disease and if the hormone is low, it causes hypothyroidism. Diabetes can also interfere with thyroid hormone production, 派e said.

Diagnosis of thyroid disease

There are tests and tests that can be used for the diagnosis of thyroid disease. The patient may also suffer from other diseases following an irregular walk of the thyroid gland.

Dr Siti Aisyah said the neck should be noted because the thyroid gland will move with swallowing. If held, it can sense the shape of the glands and also their movement by swallowing.

“Skin and eyes can also be checked in addition to body temperature and weight can be observed to determine the problem of the thyroid gland,” he said.


This disease occurs when the thyroid gland is not functioning optimally until the hormone is not adequately released.

According to Dr Siti Aisyah, medications taken to treat excessive thyroid function can also cause hypothyroidism.

填sually, this hypothyroidism is caused by inflammation of the gland called thyroiditis.

典his disease is also known as Hashimoto’s disease. This autoimmune disease stimulates the body’s defense against producing antibodies against the thyroid gland, 派e said.

As a result, the brain releases signals through the thyroid stimulating hormone to make the thyroid gland work harder.

典his causes the gland to grow up called goiter. Over time, the thyroid gland can no longer produce the hormones the body needs.

“In the meantime, improper nutrition can also cause hypothyroidism,” he said.

In addition, a blood test of the thyroid hormone will be performed to confirm that the person is indeed hypothyroidism. If hormone levels are normal, then the individual may have other illnesses and further testing may be required.

典he thyroid hormone will be given to keep your body’s hormone levels back to normal and you may have to take this hormone forever.

“Drug doses may also change periodically and blood tests may be done,” he said.


This disease occurs when the thyroid gland releases excess hormones. This causes the body’s metabolism to increase. The disease is most common in women around the age of 20 to 40 years.

According to Dr Siti Aisyah, Grave disease is the leading cause of increased activity of these glands. It is usually seen on the part of the eye.

的n addition, medicines taken for hypothyroid disease may also cause hypertrophy and therefore doctor’s oversight is very important.

典his hypertensive disease can also cause a thyroid gland especially when the individual is suffering from another acute health problem. This thyroid gland causes fever, increased heart rate, and also changes in brain function such as depression, seizures, anxiety and possibly coma, 派e said.

According to Dr Siti Aisha, the treatment given will reduce the production of thyroid hormone and medication to reduce heart rate may also need to be given.

的n the event that treatment is unsuccessful, it may be possible to use a hydrocarbon iodine given with the intention of destroying some of the thyroid gland. Surgery is also one of the treatment methods that can help.
“If the individual finds a small swelling of nodular in the thyroid gland, an examination should be performed to determine if it is a cancer or a common nodular problem,” he said.

According to him, ultrasound examination as well as biopsy or needle use should be performed. Further treatment will be discussed with the doctor during the follow-up health care session.

Thyroid during pregnancy

Thyroid disease poses a risk to pregnant women as well as their content. Therefore, pregnant women should undergo a health checkup during their first visit to the pregnant maternity clinic.

泥uring the treatment session, you can conceive normally and safely even if it is confirmed to have a thyroid. The treatment may also be changed periodically in addition to blood tests as well as other tests that are considered necessary.

典he treatment of diabetic iodine will not be given to patients during pregnancy. There are also some mothers who suffer from thyroid problems after giving birth, 敗he said.

She said it was called postpartum thyroiditis and usually the mother’s thyroid hormone levels quickly returned to normal levels.

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