Frozen shoulder, also called frozen shoulder or frozen shoulder is a condition where you feel pain, pain and stiffness in the shoulder.

After a while, the shoulder solidifies and leads to poorer mobility. Frozen shoulder is extremely painful and painful when, for example, you do not get the arm or arms, more than straight out of the body due to the pain.

Frozen shoulder is a form of inflammation in the shoulder joint capsule. The joint capsule stabilizes the shoulder joint, which is the body’s most movable joint, but the inflammation causes it to contract and leads to stiffness and growth. Although the joint is the most movable, it is unstable compared to the other joints of the body and dependent on tissues for its stability.

The disease can be divided into two condition groups, where prognosis and treatment differ:
1. Non-traumatic (idiopathic), Stereoid sensitive where you do not know the reason behind the condition.
2. Traumatic frozen shoulder that has resulted from trauma, repeated movements or that you have been lying strangely.

The disease usually develops for several months, but the shoulder usually heals itself for a long time. Healing and rehabilitation vary over time, but if you immediately contact a doctor or physiotherapist, the rehabilitation will be much shorter. It is quite common to have some pain and stiffness afterwards, but it rarely affects everyday life.
When to look for Frozen shoulder care?
If you feel stiffness or pain in your shoulder for at least 14 days, without knowing the reason, you should contact a doctor, chiropractor or naprapat who can diagnose. To determine if you have Frozen shoulder (frozen shoulder) you can try to make certain movements. For example, if it is difficult to stretch the arm straight up or turn it, it is a sign of the disease.

Frozen shoulder heals itself, but the process is slow, from months to years. By getting diagnosis and treatment quickly, the problems can be alleviated and the disease cured.
Who is affected?
About 3% suffer and most commonly it is between the ages of 45-74 years. People under the age of 40 are very rarely affected. Among women, the age range is between 45-74 years and among men the age range of 45-60 years is narrower. Within 5 years after healing, about 10% of those who have become ill also get the disease in the other axis, although relapse in the same axis is rare.

What is the cause of Frozen shoulder?
Today, there is no explanation for the cause of the disease, unless it is traumatic Frozen shoulder that has resulted from trauma, repeated movements or that you have been lying strangely. By contrast, the incidence of non-traumatic Frozen shoulder (frozen shoulder), according to studies, may increase for patients with diabetes. The risk also increases if you have Parkinson’s, stroke or any form of pulmonary heart disease.

What are the symptoms?
The symptoms are that, due to pain, you do not get your arm up more than 90 degrees out of the side. In connection with the movement, the body is usually inclined to the opposite side to raise the arm.

The symptoms are stealthy and usually appear as increasing pain in the shoulder during activity, bed rest, rotation or reflexive movement of the arms. The development of the disease usually takes place over several months. After a couple of weeks, the pain may have increased and spread below the elbow, resulting in impaired night’s sleep, difficulty in brushing teeth, performing everyday chores or tasks. The pain gradually increases and leads to poor mobility and stiffness. Careless, reflexive and fast movements create a severe shoulder pain.

What happens in the shoulder?
The joint capsule around the shoulder joint becomes smaller and shrinks due to inflammation. When it shrinks you get less mobility and become stiff. When the shoulder is rigid, pain and pain arise.

Treatment and healing time of Frozen shoulder (Frozen shoulder)?
If you let the disease self-heal, it usually takes one to two years until you regain mobility and become pain-free but with the right treatment the healing process can be accelerated drastically.

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